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21th Century has become globalisation era where the open competitive are driving up the race to higher level, especially towards products and services acceptance. The CAFTA (China Asean Free Trade Agreement)Has started since 1 Januari 2015, every body in business and industry sectors are not in comfortable position facing quality and price competition, espesifically from China. Other pressure from domestic, such like the fluctuation of high foreign currency exchange, the increament of electricity costs, fuels, and minimum wages weaken the competitiveness, mainly around country border areas.Situation in Indonesia still in a big question whether how to survive in the era of AEC (Asean Economic Community) or Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean by the end of 2015 The result of this research in the goal to force the corporate concentrate on market orentation and treating the human resource as company investment assets which need continous learning and development processes.. The process must be consider how to build the personal brand with high performance and human resource contribution as an important capital to increase the value of corporate brand. The final finding recommend the optimal Competitivenes will be powered thru Corporate Brand. The objective of the model in respect to be able acts as a tool of competitiveness needs either by a company or a person individually. This research usingsimple Smart PLS (Partial Least Square) as program to help researcher to conduct their research in shorter time. And, the research prime data’s become a combination obtained between distributeddirect questioner with dicussion and, interview.


Learning and Development, Personal Brand, Human Capital Contribution, Corporate Brand, Competitive Force.

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