Ayu Felisia, Isna Wijayani


Media convergence is one of the developments of mass media that involves many technological factors in it. The presence of the internet encourages conventional mass media to apply the concept of media convergence such as online media, e-paper, e-books, radio streaming and social media combined with other media. The purpose of this study is to analyze the strategy of iNews TV Palembang and PAL TV in order to continue to exist in the era of media convergence. The type of research used in this research is qualitative using SWOT theory and media convergence theory. From the results of the analysis it can be said that iNews TV Palembang is in the position of quadrant 3 which shows that iNews TV Palembang has a chance but faces several obstacles, this is especially the iNews TV Palembang lantern is still in the form of a bureau and relies on central iNews TV. While PAL TV Palembang is in quadrant 1, because of its strong position and opportunity. Second, researchers also discovered several challenges faced by both in the era of media convergence, namely the rapid development of the internet and online media so as to encourage people to access online media more easily through gadgets or handphones. Third, researchers found the innovation of iNews TV Palembang and PAL TV in carrying out media convergence. Where the two local TVs have now used the internet and online media to convey information.



Media, Television, convergence

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.32509/pustakom.v5i2.2221


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