Catur Priyadi


Easily set up a press agency or office of preaching became one of the reasons some of the political elite to establish
a news agency. In addition, the presence of motifs commercialism, some underlying political affiliation. Media
TempoGrup apparently take advantage of the situation. Through the case of contradiction Cover Tempo 7 April
2014 could predict or forecast the presidential candidates who will qualify in the presidential whereas almost one
month interval, then coupled with various symbols of mystery. Not Tempo otherwise create a sensation, but this
time make public sensation became curious and tried to review it. who was then busy discussed, Tempo Magazine
utilizing two big names Presidential Candidate, namely Prabowo Subiakto and Joko Widodo, as Tempo Magazine
Cover 7 April 2014 through a news photograph, coupled with attention-grabbing headline Coalition frenzy
Candidates 2014 at Tempo Magazine, 7-13 April 2014 edition . By using semotics analysis of Roland Barthes,
the author seeks to uncover denotative, connotative, and myths behind the news photos. Not only interpret the
photo, but the statement and title in the headline can also be interpreted using the same theory. It should be
underlined that semiotics is the study of signs. Interpret more than just communication, but looking deeper into
the meaning dikomunikasikannya. Semiotic analysis talking about the meaning as seen (denotation), the meaning
behind what is visible (connotation), and myths


Cover Tempo, Semiotics, Presidential Candidate, Semiotika analysis


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