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Advertising is essential to be able to promote a product or service, so that people know and know what products
and services they need are .. The emergence of new media (new media) or digital media that combines Internet
technology, audio-visual and mobile, felt increasingly threatened the existence of the conventional media. is a web portal that provides the latest news and articles online in Indonesia. AFP has only an online
edition and hung from the field of advertising revenue. Even so, the AFP is at the forefront of new news (breaking
In this study, the problems to be discussed by the researchers that Online Media Marketing Strategy Detikcom.
In this study, researchers focused on marketing communications strategies that run Detikcom as the first online
media in Indonesia in order to survive with the emergence of online media as a new-media online Detikcom competitors.
The goal is to determine the marketing communication strategies used to address the media Detikcom
online competitors.
Paradigm used in this study is constructivism paradigm. This paradigm is used because researchers participated
in the construction of social reality of the problems studied.
The theory used is the theory of marketing communication system which emphasizes that the 5 components in the
theory (key factor analysis, promotion objectives, positioning, communication budgets, and research and evaluation)
should be clear and work well for the achievement of marketing objectives Detikcom.
This research is qualitative. A qualitative approach is considered appropriate for this study because the researchers
wanted to see how the overall marketing strategy and process-oriented, instead of measuring the
success of the strategy.
This is a descriptive study, which aims to provide a complete picture of the stages and the relationships contained
in the marketing activities Detikcom.
The results showed that, first, the emergence of mobile applications has been running effectively since it is supported
on the sophistication of todays technology. Second, at the moment all online media rely on the power to
attract news readers, Detikcom actually issued several channels that are reaching young people. This is done so
that the level of traffic AFP remained at the top position. Third, these canals have different ways of promotion, one
of them with a media partner at events such as music concerts, sporting events, and free holiday.


Advertising, Marketing Communications, Constructivism paradigm

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