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Political communication through advertising in the media focus on hard selling as well as commercial advertising, political advertising is nothing but the purpose is to persuade and motivate voters to vote a particular candidate. To achieve the goal of political ads always look impressive with information about who to put forward candidates (highlight the candidates name and face), what do the candidates (candidates experience and track record, how to position on certain issues (issues posisition) and the candidate who represents (group ties). content
(content) political ads always contain brief messages about the issues raised (policy position), the quality of leadership (character), performance (track record) and his experience. Formulation of the problem in this study is how the semiotic analysis of political advertising to 3 pairs of candidates on the presidential election of 2009 and political advertising imagery. The purpose of this study to determine the semiotic analysis of political advertising for candidates and three pairs of imaging in this ad. The process of processing the data of this study is conducted by using techniques of semiotics analysis (semiotic analysis) is to uncover the meaning of the political ads to the 3 candidates. Using a model of semiotic analysis approach used is the theory of semiotics Charles Sanders Peirce. Ie Sign (Icon, index and symbol), Object and Interprant. The results of this study is the meaning of every political ad-vice presidential candidate psangan 2009 presidential election. Megawati-Prabowo on political advertising means simple and aspiring leaders who want to work hard, and nationalism adopts a figure closer to the leaders of the pro-people. Meaning in political ads kanadidat SBY-Boediono depict a decent and dignified leader and ready to continue what has been achieved in the previous leadership. Meaning of political advertising on kandiat JK-Wiranto is a leader who is ready to work for the people to quickly and uphold nationalism and ethnic differences in the area.

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